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Info about Bengals

Bengals have a distinctive wild cat like coat pattern. Bengal spotting is obtained by crossing an Asian leopard cat with a domestic spotted tabby, and then bred back to domestics. 

There are variations to the colors but the colors recognized by TICA are Brown, Silver and Snow (Snow Lynx, Snow Mink  and Snow Sepia). Many Bengal cats have a beautiful natural glitter to their coats. Their fur is also very soft. You have to pet a bengal to truly understand. 

Their coats can be spotted or marbled. Most people know Bengals for their beautiful rosettes! Bengals are the only domestic cats with rosetted spots. By using selective breeding, breeder have worked to create bengals that look like Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Ocelots, and Jaguars.

Bengals are affectionate, intelligent, and very energetic and they are also known to be very amicable with other pets. They like to have someone to play with. 

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